Teaching the Global in Media Studies

A virtual workshop to to discuss how and why we teach the global in our media studies classes. It is intended for both those who currently teach global media courses (broadly defined) and those who are usually not slotted to teach these courses but are interested in “globalizing” their introductory, formal analysis, history, or theory courses.


Pamela Krayenbuhl (University of Washington Tacoma)

Weixian Pan (NYU Shanghai)

Salomé Aguilera Skvirsky (University of Chicago)

Bhaskar Sarkar (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez (University of Texas at Dallas)


  1. Welcome.
  2. Panelist Presentations.
  3. Q&A Discussion.
  4. Breakout Groups.
    • Group A: How to bring “the global” into your classroom, even if you don’t regularly teach “global,” “world,” or “international” cinema and media classes
    • Group B: Lessons learned from and issues raised in teaching global film and media
  5. Wrap-up and Further Directions.


Defining the global.

Different pedagogical contexts.

Curriculum design issues.

Disciplinary concerns.

Incorporating current events.